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HOC Sound System At The 1st Official Derby All Night Skate for 2012

On 31st March 2012 HOC Sound System will be proudly providing DJ kit for the 1st Official Derby All Night Skate for 2012. Here’s some info about the event from Rollerworld Derby:

Happy new year everyone, we hope you have had a great festive period. We are happy to announce the date for the “1st Official Derby All Night Skate for 2012”
On Saturday 31st March. Starts at 10 pm and finishes at 6am. If you want top come and skate the earlier 7 – 10pm session, all night skate ticket holders can join in the early session for an extra £1.

DJ’s Luke Skywalker and Andy Baines will take you through the early hours till 6am.
Contact games, Football and The legendary Barrel Jumping competition will be in place as usual.
Members £7, Advance £9 and on the day £10. Skate Hire £2 and lockers behind Skate Hire £1.

Vinyl Vs CD’s For DJing

I often get asked this very question as I am now an avid CD DJ. As an ex vinyl DJ of 12 years I can say that vinyl is still relevant as it does have a larger dynamic range in comparison to digital formats like CD and I have many “vinyl only” DJ friends who will fight for the cause and won’t have it any other way. However, the sound engineer in me knows that every time a vinyl is played the recording is damaged so over time you end up with a noisy mess of distortion that once was an amazing tune whether they’re dubplates or standard vinyl. This was one of the many reasons why I changed over to CD DJing and to be honest I’ve never looked back. Now apart from the fact that the recording will always stay the same, and it’s small and convenient, I also get to play live all of the tunes I’ve made to see how people react. Now that in itself is an amazing thing, well at least to me. Plus as a sound engineer I boost the recordings and re-copy them back to CD in my studio with software like the “Waves L2 Ultramaximizer” which makes a huge difference, believe me the tunes sound larger than life when this is done. This process also helps when you’re converting mp3’s to CD audio as mp3’s are a compressed data form of the original and you basically lose a large chuck of the original track to which this process can often disguise.

The Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD DJ Decks that I use are worth mentioning too, they enable you to do so much more than you ever could with vinyl decks. For example you can make it so that you can speed up or slow down a tune like you can with vinyl decks but this time without the change in pitch. Now apart from the obvious advantage of this it also means that the little nudges a DJ will do to keep a track in time are now disguised, you don’t get the sudden change in pitch going up and then suddenly down again, especially when you put the decks into “CDJ mode” not “vinyl mode.” Vinyl mode makes the decks behave like a record deck but you still have the option of turning the “change in pitch” on or off. While CDJ mode makes them behave more like CD decks but when you speed the CD up or slow it down with your hand you can be as rough as you like and the track won’t skip. I often start a track off in vinyl mode (simply because I can’t resist doing the backwards and forwards motion you do with vinyl to get the track to start at the same time as the other track you’re trying to mix into) and then change over to CDJ mode so I can be as rough as I like and just concentrate on getting into the groove! Now I can’t finish off talking about these wonderful decks without saying something about the tempo change range. On Technics 1200 vinyl decks the tempo change range is + or – 8% of the original tempo of the track. While on the CDJ 1000’s the tempo change range has 4 range modes: + or – : 6, 10, 16 and then what Pioneer calls “WIDE” which is basically + or – 100%. This means that you can literally mix any track into any other track you like. This is something I had always dreamed of as a vinyl DJ but never had the chance until I made the change to CD’s.



Some Engineering & Producing History…

My Sound Engineering and Producing came about when I started doing my  Music Production courses at NCN Clarendon College and the Square Centre  recording Studio in Nottingham up to HND level. After finishing the  courses I started working for a voluntary project based at the, Square  Centre recording studio called, “Soundtracks,” which had other voluntary  projects such as, “Fallen Angels,” and, “Include.” At Soundtracks I ran  numerous recording and production sessions for young people to whom  normally would not be able to afford studio time in a commercial  recording studio.
Also through Soundtracks, I worked with producer/songwriter/vocalist,  Del St Joseph who has had a long successful history in the music  industry with several hits under his belt. One of which being, “Please  Don’t Go,” by K.W.S, (UK number 1 for 6 weeks, number 4 US Billboard  Chart 1990/1), as his Chief Engineer helping him start up his Production  Company “Fourjayz”. Over the years we collaborated with producer Mike  Pela from London who has a long production history in the music industry  with artists like, Sade, Savage Garden, Erasure, Boy George, Ace of  Base, Maxwell and Everything but the Girl.

In 2007 I worked on “Control” a biopic B/W film about Ian Curtis lead singer of post-punk band Joy Division.

Currently, I’m doing remixes, engineering and Co-Producing for Flourish Records. Below are a few photos of the Flourish Records Recording Studio that I helped to build and still maintain:

LGBT Health and Wellbeing day

On the 4th December 2010 HOC Sound System provided PA hire and DJing for Healthy Gay Nottingham’s LGBT Health and Wellbeing Day for World AIDS Day. The pictures show two thirds of the whole PA, which is about 4Kwatts. The whole system has an extra two Subs making it up to about 6Kwatts.

PsyTek a short DJ history…

I’ve been a Promoter, DJ, Producer and Sound Engineer in Nottingham since 1996 and still going strong. I started my DJing career under the name of DJ JTT. The name JTT came about when I gave my first DJ Demo tape to a friend which happened to be full of Techno and Trance so he labelled the tape “John’s Trance Techno” hence “JTT.” I began DJing Nu Energy Techno (Baby Doc, Jon the Dentist, etc) then went swiftly onto Goa Trance and then most forms of Techno (mainly hard Techno) while forming the “hands on” club nights and even Happy Hardcore for a while!!! Then more recently I got involved in the EBM (Electronic Body Music) /Goth scene where I started introducing Techno to the Goths under the new name of “PsyTek!” I have DJed in lots of clubs in Nottingham, Marcus Garvey Centre (the Ballroom), Skyy Club (now BluePrint) to name but a few. I have also DJed further a field in places as far as the Docklands in London. The club nights I have DJed at are (at least these are the one I can remember!!!!):

Tribal Storm
Neurotrance meets Believe
Beyond the Final Frontier
Global International Techno
The Nottingham Carnival 96
I Doo
Hands on
May Day in the Market Square (Nottingham)
Pure Filth
Chaos Theory
Carnival of Souls
Sh!ts & G!ggles
Heresy ‘n’ Heelz
Doomed n Misguided