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The Psytek Project – The fight to keep the dreams alive!

After the downfall of Megaupload I’ve had to re-upload all of the previously uploaded Master Scratch Tapes that I have Cleaned and Remastered. Plus I have finally finished what was left from the NG83 community. I would like to send a special thanks to all who have contributed to providing the source material for this project especially to Phil Littlechild for keeping it real with the Pie.N.Ears Blog and uploading help etc…

You can now find all of our hard work here at Pie.N.Ears

MasterScratch- The PsyTek Project *** updates***


Psy Tek has put alot of hard work into cleaning up the 28 year old MasterScratch tapes from Nottinghams Rock City days. Anyone who has tried to convert old tapes from the 80s or 90s to mp3 knows what quality to expect, with a lot of hard work and effort , its possible to get them sounding as new.
Here are his latest volumes of the cleaned up versions.
Both sides of the tapes are in one zip file.

MasterScratch – The PsyTek Project

PsyTek (John Davies of HOC Sound System and hands on recordings) has used his 10 years of knowledge and studio experience to clean up the Master Scratch tapes. These tapes are over 28 years old and PsyTek makes them sound like you just bought them from HMV as CD’s.
The work gone into these is no different from cleaning up a film to convert it to HD, by stopping every time to hear a hiss or pop, taking out the offending sound Much respek PsyTek, keep up the good work!

Here is where you can download the finished products: The PsyTek Projest


HOC Sound System will be at the Nottingham Roller Disco at the Marcus Garvey Ballroom Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 2BY United Kingdom on Saturday 17th September.

We will be starting at 4pm and going on til the early hours. Yes there will be a bar. Hire skates will be available.

The Garvey is a legendary Nottingham venue and has a REAL WOOD floor. It has a large floodlit/cameras car park. It is also very easy to get to being just off the main road into Nottingham.

we will be running the following 3 sessions.
1. in association with Take 1 studios. SKATE 1. family skate session (soft drinks only,food on sale) under 18′ & families entry £3.50 skates£1.00/£1.50

2. SK8SHAKK. Dress up and get down to retro disco,cheese and rollergirl anthems. Dj Chopper ( Trent army, Detonate) spinning the tunes ( full bar) 18+ tickets £8.00 more on the door ( if available )

3 Oldskool allnighter playing all the tunes from back in the day MC on the mic the legendary TommySly Thomas, Luke penning (MK rollers, Derby allnighter) plus DJ IPAD & guests (full bar )18+ tickets £6.00 on the door £12
If you are travelling up for the event please contact us to get your group discount and guaranteed entry.

New tracks for licensing from

Well I know I’ve not been writing much here in recent weeks but that’s because I’ve been busy writing and producing at the “hands on recordings” studio here in Nottingham, and now I have two new tracks for licensing.

The first track is called “Hope” written by me John Davies (PsyTek) and it’s mainly an instrumental soundtrack or soundscape that has a haunting piano running through the track with string sections that build up to create an emotional crescendo, while modern beats bring it bang up to date. I think it would be perfect for film, TV or indeed any corporate situation.

The second track is called “Save The World” Written and sung by Del St Joseph who has had a long successful history in the music industry with several hits under his belt. One of which being, “Please Don’t Go,” by K.W.S, (UK number 1 for 6 weeks, number 4 US Billboard Chart 1990/1). It’s produced by me John Davies (PsyTek) founder of hands on recordings and the session keys were done by Will Joss. The track is a pop track for either a male or female, young or old that wants to take advantage of this emotional love song. It starts with a plucked string section that is repeated through each verse then POW! a big trance like anthem synth takes you through the chorus emphasizing the emotion sung by the singer. Del pitched it to me as a track he’s always wanted to write.

Well I hope you enjoy the tracks and if anyone is interested please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

The “hands on recordings” Recording Studio (more than the sum of it’s parts…)

This is my humble recording studio it’s been going strong for about 10 years now and it’s seen lots of action for recording, production, post production and mastering. As you can see it’s mainly software based but don’t be fooled into thinking that this limits me from producing professional work. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that you need lots of expensive hardware to do a professional job but this is far from the truth. It’s not so much what kit you have, it’s more knowing how to get the best out of what kit you have. Due to my Music Production courses at NCN Clarendon College and the Square Centre recording Studio in Nottingham up to HND level, plus the work experience I did working for a voluntary project based at the, Square Centre recording studio called, “Soundtracks,” which had other voluntary  projects such as, “Fallen Angels,” and, “Include,” where I ran numerous recording and production sessions for young people to whom  normally would not be able to afford studio time in a commercial  recording studio which in all gave me a good solid foundation. Then after that in this very studio I worked with producer/songwriter/vocalist,  Del St Joseph who has had a long successful history in the music industry with several hits under his belt. One of which being, “Please  Don’t Go,” by K.W.S, (UK number 1 for 6 weeks, number 4 US Billboard  Chart 1990/1), as his Chief Engineer helping him start up his Production  Company “Fourjayz”. Over the years we collaborated with producer Mike Pela from London who has a long production history in the music industry  with artists like, Sade, Savage Garden, Erasure, Boy George, Ace of  Base, Maxwell and Everything but the Girl. All of this education and experience enables me to get the most out of what I have.

A Bit About My Kit


I’m running a Quad Core PC with a M-Audio Delta 44 audio interface (M-Audio are owned by Avid who also own Pro Tools) using Logic Platinum 5.5 on Windows XP with lots of VST/DirectX instruments and plugins.


My mixer is a Mackie 1604-VLZ Pro which I love. It’s so clean and has an enormous amount of headroom which lots of mixers at this price range don’t seem to have.

My monitors are the wonderful industry standard Mackie HR824’s which match perfectly with the Mackie mixer, and due to them being active there’s no power amplifier getting in the way colouring the sound.

My midi interface is a MOTU midi express which enables me to interface almost any midi kit I throw at it whilst keeping everything in time.

Then there’s the latest addition to the studio the amazing Blue Bluebird condenser microphone this is a truly great mic with a dynamic range that most condenser microphones don’t have at this price range.

Here are some examples of some of the more recent work done here:

Mortality by Tribal Infinity PsyTek Remix

Hypnotized by Kat Starr PsyTek Dance Remix

Watch this space for more on what’s happening at the Hands On Recordings studio