Professional PA hire, Post Production & Remixing



HOC Sound System is a Professional PA hire company. Professional engineers set everything up, run the equipment and pack it all down afterwards, so everything is done for you.

* Priding ourselves on putting just the right amount of equipment needed for the task in hand, So YOU don’t get charged for something you don’t need. All our PA equipment is compact but powerful. This means no enormous speaker cabs taking up lots of stage/floor space that YOU need for YOUR performance or dance space.

* HOC Sound System can provide PA for anything from a small Pub gig up to 1,500 capacity venues.

* All our equipment is of a high professional industry standard

My real Name is John Davies and my Sound Engineering and Producing came about when I started doing my Music Production courses at NCN Clarendon Collage and the Square Centre recording Studio in Nottingham up to HND level. After finishing the courses I started working for a voluntary project based at the, Square Centre recording studio called, “Soundtracks,” which had other voluntary projects such as, “Fallen Angels,” and, “Include.” At Soundtracks I ran numerous recording and production sessions for young people to whom normally would not be able to afford studio time in a commercial recording studio.

Also through Soundtracks, I worked with producer/songwriter/vocalist, Del St Joseph who has had a long successful history in the music industry with several hits under his belt. One of which being, “Please Don’t Go,” by K.W.S, (UK number 1 for 6 weeks, number 4 US Billboard Chart 1990/1), as his Chief Engineer helping him start up his Production Company “Fourjayz”. Over the years we collaborated with producer Mike Pela from London who has a long production history in the music industry with artists like, Sade, Savage Garden, Erasure, Boy George, Ace of Base, Maxwell and Everything but the Girl.

In 2007 I worked on “Control” a biopic B/W film about Ian Curtis lead singer of post-punk band Joy Division.

Currently, I’m doing remixes for Flourish Records – myspace & facebook.


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