Professional PA hire, Post Production & Remixing

Some Engineering & Producing History…

My Sound Engineering and Producing came about when I started doing my  Music Production courses at NCN Clarendon College and the Square Centre  recording Studio in Nottingham up to HND level. After finishing the  courses I started working for a voluntary project based at the, Square  Centre recording studio called, “Soundtracks,” which had other voluntary  projects such as, “Fallen Angels,” and, “Include.” At Soundtracks I ran  numerous recording and production sessions for young people to whom  normally would not be able to afford studio time in a commercial  recording studio.
Also through Soundtracks, I worked with producer/songwriter/vocalist,  Del St Joseph who has had a long successful history in the music  industry with several hits under his belt. One of which being, “Please  Don’t Go,” by K.W.S, (UK number 1 for 6 weeks, number 4 US Billboard  Chart 1990/1), as his Chief Engineer helping him start up his Production  Company “Fourjayz”. Over the years we collaborated with producer Mike  Pela from London who has a long production history in the music industry  with artists like, Sade, Savage Garden, Erasure, Boy George, Ace of  Base, Maxwell and Everything but the Girl.

In 2007 I worked on “Control” a biopic B/W film about Ian Curtis lead singer of post-punk band Joy Division.

Currently, I’m doing remixes, engineering and Co-Producing for Flourish Records. Below are a few photos of the Flourish Records Recording Studio that I helped to build and still maintain:


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  1. Hi. I’ve been at one of your gigs. It was a great night! Can I ask if you cater for Goth and fetish events? How big a crowd can you play to?
    thanks VelvetTripp

    17/12/2010 at 11:58 pm

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